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Family Online Store


strategies-to-grow-your-businessAn online store is a Web site designed to sell a product or service. Although the Internet presents great opportunities to do, primarily by low-cost investment required, it may also be a sea of problems if you don’t know how to use it.


The following is a basic guide to create your own online store:


1 choose a niche that you love
This collects information about a special niche and take advantage of the passion and enthusiasm as a competitive advantage large sellers. If you select the right category, you will have a greater chance of enjoying the process of creating and managing your business, which will require patience and work.


It is very important that you do your market research about products and services that succeed in the Internet; not everything is marketed for this channel. Another aspect that you take care of is the price, because Web consumers also use this medium to find deals and discounts. This sets the price that appeals to your customers and is favorable to you.


2 earn online services that provide infrastructure for your store
Some of the alternatives available are Facebook Store, Conekta,,, Yahoo store front, MercadoLibre and Fliying the basket. Looking for a better fit with your business and your products.


Another option is to install your store in each “Gallery” orMall” service to share with other trade. Here will be the equivalent of a web directory, internet business articles and is used if your shop is small and the resources too. You can also start using sites like Deremate or Puraoferta, but it is better to have your own shop.


Another important thing is that you register your domain. It is recommended that, if you are in Mexico, has been completed. MX.


3 make inventory and enter your product
Try to be careful with categories and the place where you put your product. Research has shown that consumers feel more interested in products that are at the top of the page, so it is a good idea to put the star of your product does.


Put yourself in the place of your customers and ask yourself why you should buy in my shop? It has made your life easier, or give some other kind of value. Remember that click for less, better.


4 including shopping cart
It is a software that helps clients in the “virtual tour” by the store, print product will show, count the number of late and allow you to return the merchandise.


Both the shopping cart” can be decisive in facilitating sales in stores. The greater the flexibility which the client can interact with these modules and easy way is to use, the greater the satisfaction of buyer.


5 Select the payment modalities
The security and confidentiality of data and the client transaction must be clear policy for all people (customers and vendors) and must always be consistent.


It is important that you offer payment methods, can be from credit card, bank deposit or debit. Rely on services like PayPal, DineroMail or


6 define your models
There are various ways to manage inventory. Among them are DropShipping which consists in that the provider makes a direct delivery to the buyer, so you’ll be just a means for purchase. The second is that after the purchase is complete, you dispose of the merchandise supplier and slogan, where you store the product (either yours or from suppliers) in the store since before making a bid to spread.


7 promote your store
This is an important step to achieve success. You have to make your site attractive places, because so far you are the only one who is interested in it. The first step to promote your online store added

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