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ideas for starting a business on the Internet

ideas-for-starting-a-business-on-the-internetWe will try to bring together in this post 100 ideas that are easy to start a business on the Internet. Before, we start with the basics:
Leasing a domain (. com,. net,. org …) easily, cheaply and quickly.
Pay for hosting for your website is not expensive.
Develop a web site with free tools like blogger, wordpress, or wix, com (easy), or you can even dare with the dreamweaver program new …
The foundations which we have done And now we intend to reach the 100 ideas to do interesting.
We will give you the first 50 to get together some 100 ideas. Don’t forget to leave Your comments
But wait wait … before you start is very important that you know that this website, in addition to writing interesting articles like this, we are dedicated to training in new technologies and entrepreneurship. We encourage you to view our courses. Please!
Ideas for getting started:
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Blogs by. Create a blog or website and exploitation of your hobby or professional activities you … Link: 10 ways to make money with a blog.
E-commerce. Manage and create an online shop for some items or services that are traditionally sold by conventional methods or new products (and services).
Specialized professional services. Creating a multidisciplinary team and start designing original projects. Architects, economists, lawyers, biologists with computer scientists and other specialists can produce very strong value materializables in patent ideas, new services, products … The best teams of the best ideas are born to do.
Replication of successful ideas in other places. See Networking intrusive business finance news especially progress and successful activities in other parts of the world (Silicon Valley, Bangalore, London, Dublin …) and try to make replicas (respect for intellectual property) for your State, the environment See video from Zite.
Service for the everyday life of the people. See the real life and watch as the web or ICT in General can facilitate activities, tasks, services that are valuable or interesting to people.
A special social network and community.
Program (an asset in itself). Learn how to program.
Applications for mobile.
Utilizing the social networking possibilities. Explore the possibilities of a billion users of Twitter, Facebook,  Google added, Pinterest or other social networks to produce, trade, hearing, communication, loyalty
Online marketing, brand … Intensive use of online marketing tools in all variations and potential. Produces services for companies, institutions, apply them to your own projects to better monetize your business.
Geolocate practice verbs for everything you know. Reconviertete to mobile phones. He thinks in terms of geographical position and reinvents everything you find …
Get creative Youtube video channels and low cost. Grab Your video camera and take advantage of the capabilities of its own channels on Youtube, Vimeo See the success case Txaber Allué with Cook properly and also: how to successfully make a video on Youtube.
Take a look at the wave of technology. Identify leap technologies (e.g. the internet of things, biotechnology, …) and generate new projects related to the potential lawsuit. Link. Technology Review in the language of Spain; Technology Review in the language of the United Kingdom.
Aggregator of content. Add existing content and add some value by aggregating and other resources. Link: see the case mitula, com in Unimooc;, etc.
Project collaboration. Create collaborative networks and identify the value of development and their potential. If Wikipedia is probably other projects may also be viable.
New forms of financing the network. It exploits crowdfunding as a means of financing. See Crowdfunding Spain. Did you know that there is already a virtual currency? Links: what is bitcoin?
Social Web, support, cooperation projects. Improve your warehouse with the social web and the potential in all its applications.
E-Government. Dig into the potential of e-Government.
Inventory, suppliers This paper analyzes the possibilities of e-Procurement in all their aspects (B2B) (B2C), (B2G), (EDI) …
Mostly contextual advertising metrics. Making profits with advertising investment by metric, shaft

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