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challenges in family business

challenges-in-family-businessare people who prefer that everything be family. In the business world, there is a possibility that members of the family groups can unite through the creation of a company.


It is estimated that 80% of companies in the world is a family business.


This is a business where certain family members join together to work, make decisions, carry out specific tasks and distribute profits fairly. This is a nice family to stay together, internet business articles  if and when one of its members is not obstructed the work that competes in the heart of the company.


Family business challenges


It is estimated that more than 30 percent of family businesses survive to the second generation, and 13% went to a third generation.


A family company, by nature, presents certain challenges that are unique to him, and who have no other company. Among them: 1) separating the family relationship business, 2) how to keep a healthy relationship in the second generation and the next 3) how to plan succession and stock distribution.


In this type of Union there must be a high level of communication, so that the effects of the family-enterprise links not negative and there is continuity and development of the same. The complaint between the brothers in this type of company, because of different social, cultural, economic and professional marked, distinctive. However, the Group should try to overcome these differences so that no damage is sad in the cohesion of the family.


The succession of the assets of the family should be seen before. The most qualified members, provided that should assume the leadership of the company, approved by all shareholders.


It is necessary that in this company there is a transparency of the total concentration of economic power, assets are distributed properly, the respective legal requirements to preserve the identity of the company, defined in a clear and fair way of separation of investors, will deliver results and decision making between all members of a succession strategy and defined for generations.

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